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"MYTHOS MOZART invites us to experience Mozart in a
different way and to make it accessible to a young and
inexperienced audience."

Rolando Villazón

Tenor, writer, director and artistic director of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation

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"To be able to immerse oneself into the world of Mozart is something I am extremely excited about. MYTHOS MOZART is bound to be one of Vienna's greatest attractions of the future!"

Aleksey Igudesman

Viennese by choice, composer, violinist and music entrepreneur



The Venue

Mozart spent the last year of his life at the "Kleines Kayserhaus" at Rauhensteingasse 8, in a representative apartment on the first floor until his death on December 5, 1791. Here he composed masterpieces such as "The Magic Flute", his Clarinet Concerto and the Requiem.

Pietro di Galvagni - a successful Italian merchant, patron, art collector and Viennese resident by choice from 1819 - had the house replaced by a new building in 1848 and erected a bronze bust in Mozart’s memory, which can be seen today in the entrance area of ​​MYTHOS MOZART.

In 1896, Otto Wagner built an elegant "Metropolitan Clothing Palace" on Kärntner Straße for the Neumann family. Badly damaged in the war, it was rebuilt by the architect Carl Appel as the Neumann department store. After an eventful history, it is now known as the STEFFL department store.

Mozart's World

MYTHOS MOZART begins in REQUIEM - MOZART'S DEATH, a mysterious room with 1,500 candles, designed by the British-German lighting designer Moritz Waldemeyer. From there, visitors enter to VIENNA 1791 - MOZART'S CITY where they stroll through the busy streets of Vienna, climb over roofs in a balloon and finally find themselves in front of Mozart's death house - in a varied animated 360° panorama of historical views.

In WORLD MUSIC - MOZART'S LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, visitors can interact with instruments from all over the world in the "Little Night Music", in GENIUS - MOZART COMPOSING they immerse themselves in Mozart's creative world of light and music under thousands of synapses. For the finale, Turkish-American New Media artist Refik Anadol used artificial intelligence and millions of data points on Mozart to create a fantastic visual world in MAGIC FLUTE - MOZART FOREVER.

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The Music

The musical director of MYTHOS MOZART, Walter Werzowa composed and rearranged the soundscape that underlies the overall experience. Together with the stars of tomorrow, students from the mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, he re-recorded the music in an exclusive partnership.

These recordings from the Hofburgkapelle, the Synchron Stage Vienna and the Schönbrunn Palace Theatre will be available as a soundtrack in the on-site shop.